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Setting a Higher Standard
In a perfect world your cable runs would be short and straight. No hairpin turns, no twists, no long pulls. The humidity wouldn't rise and the rain wouldn't fall. And every connection would be flawless and easy. Of course, you don't work in a perfect world, (not to mention one that's perfectly straight or dry.) So you think about things like water migration and connectivity issues and cables that refuse to hold their shape. At CommScope, we're doing more than just thinking about them.
Introducing Extremeflex™, the smooth-wall aluminum cable for demanding installations. Designed with a lightweight aluminum outer conductor, Extremeflex is super flexible. And because it uses the same unique smooth-wall design found in CommScope's popular Cell Reach cable, Extremeflex also helps maximize network performance while minimizing maintenance cost.
So maybe we don't work in a perfect world, but thanks to innovations like CommScope's Extremeflex, we're getting closer.
Customer Information
CommScope designed its Cell Reach® and Extremeflex™ cable solution to combine all the benefits an operator requires: highest performance, ease of use, long-term reliability and competitive pricing. In sum, Cell Reach offers the lowest life cycle costs in the industry. Performance, ease of installation and few maintenance requirements make Cell Reach the choice for carriers who want the most from their budgets. With lower attenuation from Cell Reach, operators may get the same performance from a smaller, less expensive cable when compared to traditional corrugated cable. Because CommScope’s smoothwall design is easy to install, proper first-time installations are more frequent, virtually eliminating repeat trips for repairs. Fewer repeat visits help to provide a continuous revenue stream from the start.
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